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Co-parents happier then single and non-resident parents (research)

Are Parents with Shared Residence Happier? Children’s Postdivorce Residence Arrangements and Parents’ Life Satisfaction Source: Stockholm Research Reports in Demography 2015: 17 Franciëlla van der Heijden, Utrecht University Michael Gähler, SOFI, Stockholm University Juho Härkönen, Department of Sociology, Stockholm University Abstract: This study investigates whether shared residence parents experience higher life satisfaction than sole and […]

‘Consensus Report’ – short summary of Warshak’s paper

May 10, 2014 by


Social Science and ‘Parenting Plans’ for Young Children: A Consensus Report  by Dr. Richard Warshak University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (this paper has the support of over 110 respected researchers and foremost practitioners worldwide) Short summary, pub. 2014 (The full version can be found at Two central issues addressed in this article are […]

La résidence alternéé en France, une expérience généralement bien vécue (Gérard Neyrand, 2005)

March 2, 2013 by


LA RÉSIDENCE ALTERNÉE, UNE EXPÉRIENCE GÉNÉRALEMENT BIEN VÉCUE. Click to access la_residence_alternee.pdf Gérard NEYRAND Sociologue. Responsable de recherche au CIMERSS. Habilitation à diriger des recherches en sociologie. Doctorat de 3° cycle en sociologie. DESS de psychopathologie. CIMERSS, 175 rue Fernand Canobio 13320 Bouc-Bel-Air tél. 04 42 22 99 80 – standard/fax 04 42 22 99 […]

Sign the petition in support of the Canadian Equal Parenting Bill C-422

April 16, 2010 by


SUPPORT CANADIAN BILL C-422 EQUAL PARENTING Canada – Causes – April 2010 Sign this petition at the bottom of: We are attempting to get Canadians to sign this petition in support of reforming The Divorce Act by passing private members Bill C-422 and implementing the default position of rebuttable for equal shared parenting in […]

Évaluation de l’instauration de l’hébergement égalitaire dans le cadre d’un divorce ou d’une séparation en Belgique (Université de Liège, Langue Francais)

March 2, 2010 by


Résumé : Évaluation de l’instauration de l’hébergement égalitaire dans le cadre d’un divorce ou d’une séparation Sous la coordination de : Marie‐Thérèse Casman Chargée de recherche : Angèle César Avec la collaboration de : Dounia Chaoui Charline Waxweiler Recherche commanditée par le Secrétariat d’État Belgique à la Politique des Familles Belgique, Université de Liège, Panel […]

Australia’s Shared Parenting Experiment (Whiston, 2009)

September 13, 2009 by


An overview of marriage, divorce and the new custody laws in Australia By Robert Whiston FRSA, Sept 13th 2009 Every English speaking country around the globe has been trying for years to reach the point now achieved by Australia, namely the enacting of ‘shared parenting’. The goal is to make matters a little more equitable […]

Benefits of Post-Divorce Shared Parenting (Tromp, 2009)

January 3, 2009 by


Benefits of post-divorce shared parenting and the situation in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany Presentation by Peter Tromp MSc, child and educational psychologist [1], President of the Father Knowledge Centre Europe (FKCE) and Chair of the Dutch Foundation for Children, Access and Equal Parenting (Stichting Kind en Omgangsrecht) at the International Conference on Family and […]

Child Adjustment in Joint Custody Versus Sole Custody Arrangements: A Meta Analytic Review (Bauserman, 2002)

March 24, 2002 by


APA Press release: Children likely to be better adjusted in joint vs sole custody arrangements in most cases, according to review of research Living Situation Not As Influential As Time Spent With Parent American Psychological Association – Press release – Date: March 24, 2002 Contact: Pam Willenz Public Affairs Office (202) 336-5707 WASHINGTON – Children […]

Dwelling Choices for Divorce Children (Tornstam, 1996)

March 1, 1996 by


By Lars Tornstam [1] Table of Contents Dwelling Choices for Divorce Children (Separationsbarns boende) Distinctions and Methodologies Early Research on Caring for Offspring The Effects of Divorce on Children The consequences of different forms of care on children Boys and Girls Sole Parenting versus shared parenting What do children think? Visiting fathers and fathers with […]