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Sharing Mum and Dad: Survey – TV Programme broadcast on 14 Jan 2013.

The survey featured in the programme (‘Sharing Mum and Dad’) would appear to have been carried out  on Tuesday 04 December 2012.

If nothing else this survey reinforces the position consistently taken in these blogs that around 90% of custody awards go to mother and only 5% to fathers – and fathers generally stand little chance in the present biased legal system.

Dispatches’ (Channel 4) investigated the situation surrounding child custody and shared parenting following divorce or separation  (Sharing Mum and Dad). It was  presented by Tim Lovejoy, a divorced father of two with personal experience of shared care issues.

The programme’s survey asked both parent or children whether current legislation is up to date with the modern family.

Note how many responses were 70% or more ! !

Question 1: If you’ve experienced parental separation, either as a parent or child, was the separation amicable ?

  • Yes:                              19%
    No:                               73%
    Not applicable:     8%

Question 2: Do you think that family lawyers involved in parental separation put children first ?

  • Yes:                    12%
    No:                     71%
    Don’t know:    18%

Question 3: If you’ve experienced parental separation, was time divided equally between both parents after separation ? (This question was open to both parents and children affected by separation)

  • Yes:                                                    7%
    No – more with mother:     70%
    No – more with father:          5%
    Not applicable:                       18%

Question 4: If you answered Yes or No to the previous question, did the arrangement suit you? Which answer best describes your experience ? (You can tick more than one).

  • I wanted to have more contact with one of my parents:              17%
    I would have preferred the stability of only one home:               6%
    My experiences affected my relationship with my father:     23%
    My experiences affected my relationship with my mother:     8%
    Not applicable:                                                                                                   60%

Question 5: Do you think that family law needs updating with regards to parental separation ?

  • Yes:                               88%
    No:                                  3%
    Don’t know:                9%

Question 6: Do you think the family law system favours:

  • Fathers more than mothers:            3%
    Mothers more than fathers:           84%
    Both equally:                                            5%
    Don’t know:                                               8%

Question 7: Do you think children suffer when they are separated from one of their parents for significant periods of time ?

  • Yes, but only if it’s the mother:          1%
    Yes, but only if it’s the father:            1%
    Yes, whichever parent it is:              86%
    No, not necessarily:                               11%
    No, not at all:                                          0.36%


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