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We are attempting to get Canadians to sign this petition in support of reforming The Divorce Act by passing private members Bill C-422 and implementing the default position of rebuttable for equal shared parenting in the Canadian family courts.

Bill C-422 would bring Canadian legislation in line with what the best research says about the best interests of children. With limited exceptions, children generally demonstrate superior outcomes when both parents – Mom and Dad – are actively involved in their children’s lives, even if the parents divorce or separate. That is why Bill C-422 would direct courts to make equal shared parenting the presumptive arrangement in the best interests of the child, except in proven cases of abuse or neglect.

We, as Canadians, fight everyday to have equal rights and yet when we are involved in a separation or divorce, the fathers rights are taken away by a stranger whom has no real grasp on the situation and what has taken place in the home. Instead of a child being able to have the love and support from both sides of the family, we create a war with the child being stuck in the middle; being torn between the two and used in parental alienation to get back at the other parent.

Now it is not forgotten that there are deadbeat fathers out there but we seem to forget there are also deadbeat mothers, and we cannot judge and take away the rights of all because one has ruined it.

All of you out there know at least one good father that has had their rights taken away and been told they will only have every other weekend and child support. Fathers are being told that they will not have an active roll in their child’s life.

With that being said, I ask you to please support Bill C-422 equal shared parenting and PLEASE sign the petition at:

Kindest regards,
Bryan Kennedy
Fathers Have Rights Too

Also you can email your local MP and ask them to support the motion. The more support it receives from the ground level the better the chance.

Another good site to visit is
David Nash has organized a cross Canada marathon campaign to raise awareness for the disenfranchised children. He has called his cross Canada run, “For The Sake Of The Children – Marathon Of Hope”

Canadian Equal Parenting Council is an excellent resource too!


Signed by Peter Tromp (Father Knowledge Centre) on Apr 29, 2010 (142):

Comment: Shared parenting and alternating residence arrangements are in the best interests of divorcechildren. Research shows: “Children need both parents.” See: